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Andrew Hung – Interview – 2017

Andrew Hung – Interview 2017

Along with musical partner Benjamin John Power, Fuck Buttons have carved out a cult following for their "adrenaline pumping, ear purging slab of towering, pristine noise". They came together whilst both attended art school in Bristol, working on creating music for a film that Hung made, and a couple of years later were being feted as the tip of the intelligent 'pop' iceberg. Since the release of their third album in 2013 and their last gig back in 2014, they've gone on hiatus, Power releasing a string of solo albums, while Hung has moved in production, collaborations and also, finally, a solo album, Realisationship. A huge departure from the Fuck Buttons sound, it features more traditional pop fare, as well as the singing voice of Hung. He took some time out to talk to Brightonsfinest just before the start of a UK tour.

Marika Hackman – Interview – 2017

Marika Hackman – Interview 2017

Still only in her mid-20s, former Brighton resident Marika Hackman has been making spellbindingly personal music since the Johnny Flynn-produced debut single 'You Come Down' was released in 2012. Both Flynn and Hackman are former pupils of the esteemed Bedales School (Hackman was there after winning a scholarship), where she met model Cara Delevingne, and subsequently formed a short-lived band with her. A self-taught guitarist, her recent album I'm Not Your Man introduced a bigger, more guitar-orientated sound, enabled by the recruitment of her buddies The Big Moon on most of the album.

Spoon – Interview - 2017

Spoon – Interview 2017

Formed in 1993, Spoon have slowly developed into one of the finest alt-rock bands from America. Known for their incredible consistency, they dipped their toes in rock, pop, and even disco over the course of nine studio albums. This year they released one of their best yet, the eclectic Hot Thoughts on Matador, a label that released their very first album back in 1996. Although a band with a big cult following in the UK, they've never played Brighton before, which they'll be doing this autumn as part of a European tour. Guitarist, singer and main songwriter Britt Daniel took some time out to chat with Brightonsfinest.

Pale Waves - Interview - 2017

Pale Waves – Interview 2017

Manchester’s Pale Waves look like the next ‘dead cert’ to make it to the top of the indie music tree. With huge support from The 1975, including Matt Healy producing their debut single ‘There’s a Honey’ and directing the music video ‘Television Romance’, a record deal with huge indie label Dirty Hit and adoring fans, they’ve got the whole package to send them to super stardom.

PINS – Interview 2017

PINS – Interview 2017

PINS have had an absolutely stellar 2017. From the release of their Bad Thing EP earlier in the year they’ve been building a whole new level of traction around them and the spotlight has definitely started to shift towards PINS’ direction. After non-stop touring throughout the year they haven’t shown any hint of losing steam. Their latest single ‘Serve The Rich’ is an extended arm to the alienated and a song that oozes with PINS’ cool charm. Before they embark on yet another tour across the UK, PINS frontwoman Faith Holgate had a brief chat with us about their successes of 2017 so far.

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