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Other States
Other States
The Hope & Ruin
Tuesday 25th July
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Frankie Cosmos
Frankie Cosmos
The Haunt
Friday 28th July
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Prince Vaseline
The Rock House Festival
Green Door Store
Saturday 29th July
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QM All Day - Music Festival
Saturday 29th July
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Pride Festival
Brighton Pride Festival
Preston Park
Saturday 5th August
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Boomtown Fair
Boomtown Fair
Matterley Estate
10th – 13th August
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The Afghan Whigs
The Afghan Whigs
Concorde 2
Thursday 17th August
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Julie Byrne
Julie Byrne
St Mary's Church
Monday 28th August
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  • Citadel Festival - Victoria Park - 16th July 2017

    Citadel Festival - Victoria Park Festival - 16th July 2017 Citadel Festival - VictoriaPark- 16th July 2017 Following the aftermath of the intense Friday and Saturday showings at Lovebox, its chilled out counterpart Citadel took over Victoria Park on Sunday to cap off a momentous weekend.
  • Brainchild Festival 2017 – Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum

    Brainchild Festival 2017 – Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum – Friday 7th - Sunday 9th July Brainchild Festival 2017 – Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum Brainchild is certainly one of the best and most forward-thinking festivals in the UK, and yet it is still relatively unknown even though it has won the AIM Best Independent Festival award in 2015 and 2016. It happens in the beautifully serene setting of the Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum on the Lewes Road heading to Uckfield and boasts only 2,000 people, including all the acts and workers on site.
  • NOS Alive Festival - Lisbon – 2017

    NOS Alive - Lisbon – 6-7th July 2017 NOS Alive Festival - Lisbon – 2017 The sun-kissed port of Lisbon was the venue as the Portuguese capital hosted one of the Iberian Peninsula’s largest music festivals.
  • Love Supreme 2017

    Love Supreme 2017 Love Supreme 2017 After the first Love Supreme Festival in 2013, the organisers very nearly decided to throw in the towel. They lost a tonne of money. But disco legends Chic, in a roundabout way, saved the day. Not only had the festival sold a fair few tickets on the back of their appearance, but they also delivered a nigh-on perfect set of sunshine hits that had the crowd in raptures. It proved to be a lucky booking for, only a week before, Chic had stolen the show at Glastonbury, and re-established their credentials as true icons and purveyors of ridiculously infectious and classy hits galore. This fact reverberated to Glynde, in Sussex, telling the organisers that there was potentially a market for this kind of event, an outdoor festival that catered for a well-heeled, mature crowd, that would literally get down to the right kind of music.
  • Funk The Format 2017

    Funk The Format 2017 Funk The Format Festival – Hove Park – 17th June 2017 The idea behind Funk The Format is a good one – a festival made by a local for the locals, with no big corporate companies from out of town leaching in on the weekend utopia. The festival, which is in its fourth year, is the idea of Lucy ‘Elle J’ Small - a once globetrotting music journalist and musical tastemaker from London, turned mother of two and now a funk festival curator. Using her experience from her time working the music biz, she has brought together other mums and friends to...
  • Wild Life 2017

    Wild Life 2017 Wild Life Festival returned to Shoreham, bringing with it some of the country’s hottest and most vital grime and pop stars along for a blistering weekend. The event continues to be curated by Disclosure and Rudimental, and the eclectic line-up was once again packed with acts who have strong links to the two bands.
  • Elderflower Fields - Pippingford Park -26th-29th May 2017

    Elderflower Fields - 26th-29th May - Pippingford Park Elderflower Fields - Pippingford Park -26th-29th May 2017 Last year I reported on this festival as a day tripper, and not as a camper. We were enamoured with it so much that we took the plunge to camp this year. Although it was a momentous mission to get from the entrance to where we eventually set up, it was worth it in the end, thanks in part to the kind weather. and the fact that this is a delightful, small scale, family-friendly affair set in Pippingford Park, a wooded and parkland estate set in-between Uckfield and East Grinstead.
  • The Great Escape Festival 2017 - 18th-20th May 2017

    The Great Escape Festival 2017 -  18th-20th May 2017 The Great Escape Festival 2017 -  18th-20th May 2017 Another year, and another huge comedown after the exhilaration of three days of heady music, heavy bodily abuse, and heaving bodies. It’s kind of the same as a festival in a field, minus the camping, and the mud. There are more than 450 performances on over 30 stages, played out to an overall audience of 20,000. Like a traditional festival, there is plenty of schlepping from one stage to the next, re-fuelling at various points, staying up too late and getting up too early. Crucially though, almost everyone is here to actually watch and listen to music, and everyone has a real bed to head to, and a solid roof over their...
  • The Alternative Escape Festival – 18th-20th May 2017

    The Alternative Escape Festival – 18th - 20th May 2017 The Alternative Escape Festival – 18th-20th May 2017 THURSDAY This year I was off-duty from the main Great Escape Festival, leaving it in the capable hands of our growing team of writers and photographers (and writer-photographers), I instead dipped into the free festival which runs alongside the main event every year, taking over any left-over scraps of venues which the behemoth of Europe’s largest new music festival has yet to absorb. In fact, as I found myself involved in three different performances as a musician, I didn’t get too much time to explore but I did see some great bands over the three days nonetheless.
  • The Great Escape - 2017

    The Great Escape - 2017 The Great Escape 2017 Playlist chosen by Adam Ryan - Main Great Escape Festival programmer Now entering its twelfth year, The Great Escape (TGE) goes from strength to strength and continues to be an established and much loved showcase for new music from around the world. In a time when heritage acts and old timers are increasingly exploiting our hard earned spare cash, TGE is an island of freshness, surrounded by the (sometimes pleasingly, it has to be admitted) stench of artists rolling out the hits once again, taking away valuable exposure to new music. And contrary to some perceived wisdom there has never been so much good new...
  • Lucy ‘Elle J’ Small - Director - Funk the Format & Funk the Family Festival

    Lucy ‘Elle J’ Small - Director - Funk the Format & Funk the Family Festival Lucy ‘Elle J’ Small - Director - Funk the Format & Funk the Family Festival Now the director of Funk the Format & Funk the Family Festival, as a journalist in London Elle J Small wrote for some of the world’s most influential publications in the heyday of music journalism - Blues & Soul, Rwd, Mixmag, Dazed and Confused - before the internet sent many of them tumbling. As well as earning a reputation for tipping unknown bands, she was instrumental in importing the sounds of Brazil to London in the early noughties. Now a mother of two living in Hove, Brightonsfinest sat down with...
  • Oxjam Brighton Festival -2016

    Oxjam Brighton Festival 2016 - 15th October 2016 Oxjam Brighton Festival 2016 - 15th October 2016 Ten years ago the charity Oxjam launched its month-long music festival Oxjam, which takes place every October. It's made up of hundreds of events happening all around the UK, all run by volunteers with all the money raised going towards funding the good work Oxfam does around the world. Brighton was a bit late to the party but the Brighton Takeover event has been running solidly for the last four years and has hosted an amazing variety of bands at numerous venues over the years. After scanning through the list of about 70+ bands and a dozen or so venues I filled my schedule up with a selection of bands I’d heard of but not seen, old favourites and the odd random act, then headed out into town to see what this year had in store.
  • Hackney Wonderland Festival - London - 2016

    Hackney Wonderland Festival, London - 15 October 2016 Hackney Wonderland Festival, London - 15 October 2016 Returning to the hipster, gentrified wasteland of north-east London for a third year, the Hackney Wonderland Festival has grown in relevance since its 2014 inauguration. A combination of cheap tickets, well-established venues and a high average disposable income within the local area always leads to packed out crowds. This year the organisers went with a potent mix of exciting new bands and established (but still relevant) veterans of the mid-noughties indie scene.
  • Lollapalooza Festival - Berlin - Germany - 2016

    Lollapalooza Festival - Berlin - 2016 Lollapalooza Festival - Berlin - 2016 The world famous Lollapalooza began life as a modest farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrel. The band had split-up at the time, stating differences in lifestyle, but reformed multiple times in the future. What Farrel had begun, without realising, was a long-standing legacy that revived itself in the form of the two day festival repeatedly, up until 1999. In 2006, it was officially revived permanently in Chicago before branching out internationally.
  • Bestival 2016

    Bestival 2016 Bestival 2016 Bestival’s a strange one, because if someone asks you what style of music they put on, it’s hard to give a straight answer. At first it seems like a disordered assortment of anyone and everyone - but give it a couple of days and you realise they’ve just nicely arranged something for all tastes. Their mammoth lineup covered all ends of the spectrum, but was so vast that it would be impossible to see all the big names, let alone take in the smaller ones too.
  • Together The People Festival 2016

    Together The People Festival 2016 Together The People Festival 2016 Brighton and the surrounding area has been bedevilled by the lack of a successful music festival since Stanmer Park’s Essential Festival folded its wings back in the early 2000s. Beachdown, Meadowlands, Loop et al never made it far, and many others couldn't get past the planning stages, let alone the mountain of alcohol and caffeine-fueled 'let's-organise-a-festival' conversations in pubs and cafes. Expensive things these festivals; even the very best and most well-known have to keep an ultra tight rein on costs to balance the books. The mother of them all, Glastonbury, draws a relatively small profit each and every year, relying heavily on small wages and an army of volunteers to carry it through (although it still gives a sizeable donation to charitable causes), and refusing to...
  • Two Three Four Festival 2016

    Two Three Four Festival 2016 Two Three Four Festival 2016 While Notting Hill Carnival is all well and good, Brighton’s beginning to develop its own Bank Holiday tradition with Two Three Four Festival. The two-day event brings together an eclectic mix of local talent, out of town buzz bands as well as a few acts with well-established fan bases. It has everything you need right here if you want to spend your three-day weekend enjoying great music.
  • Wilderness Festival 2016

    Wilderness Festival 2016 Wilderness, set in the beautiful Oxfordshire hills just outside Charlbury, is renowned as the most middle class music festival you can find. With glamping tents stretching as far as the eye can see and feasting tents emblazoned with the likes of Hix, Petersham Nurseries and Raymond Blanc, it certainly feels that way when you're there. But with the festival boasting some of the most varied and unique forms of entertainment and pitched in the most charming of locations, this stands out as the elegant queen of all UK festivals. From attending various yoga classes, to broadening your mind with topical talks and from taking part in interactive theatre, to learning how to basket weave, Wilderness has got it all. Wilderness' musical line up this year was...
  • Brainchild Festival - 2016

    Brainchild Festival - 8th-10th July - Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum Brainchild Festival - 8th-10th July 2016 For a sponsor-free festival, Brainchild punches far above its weight. It has made its lack of funding its greatest strength, by relying exclusively on volunteers and inviting everyone, including its punters, to become personally involved in the festival. The result is an event with the character of a community co-operative: the love and feeling that goes into it every year is palpable, from the musical programme, to the site decoration, right down to the food stalls. With just under a thousand attendees this year, it’s still intimate and relaxed. The focus swung just marginally towards music but it has always been a multi-arts festival, so film, comedy and spoken word poetry were all strongly represented and anyone looking for a more stimulating festival experience could also attend debates, panels,...
  • Love Supreme Festival - 2016

    Love Supreme Festival 2016 Love Supreme Festival - 2016 After the madness of Glastonbury (not that I went, but my sources tell me that there was a palpable sense of depression mixed with anger, for those souls so inclined, i.e. they give a shit and the shockwave of the EU Referendum, it was with some relief that I was able to get away from social media and the constant breaking news, for a jolly out to the Sussex countryside, to luxuriate in this most well-heeled festival, on one of the more rain-friendly, and visually enticing sites imaginable. While Glastonbury suffered another of its periodic bouts of flash flooding, gluey gloop, and more rain, Love Supreme, by dint of it being a week afterwards, never seems to suffer from these problems. Luck of the draw I guess, but even when it does rain, the porous chalk of the Sussex Downs sees it off in no time. This year there were, by my...

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